Piles Care Capsule

Product Code : 10035

Points : 5

M.R.P. : 790.00

Pack Size : 60 Capsules

Although Piles & hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments for men and women of all age, finding an effective and lasting hemorrhoids treatment can be quite confusing. Anyone that has ever suffered from hemorrhoids knows how painful and uncomfortable this can be. AyuSmile Piles Care contains herbs for permanent treatment of Piles that lasts forever.

AyuSmile Piles Care may be helpful in Chronic constipation, Hemorrhoids, fissure in ano, bleeding and non bleeding piles, fistula, internal and external piles, painful defecation, rectal inflammation, peri-anal abscess, rectal prolapse.

AyuSmile Piles Care is an effective solution for the vein and capillary health of the anal passage. These capsules provide soothing relief to the anal area and support the normal tone of the venous walls. AyuSmile Piles Care helps in maintaining the regular routine circulation in the anal area while sitting and also supports the health of the surrounding tissue of the anal opening. It is specifically formulated for treatment of external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoid and prolapsed hemorrhoid. Has anti-inflammatory properties, and is fast in penetrating body tissues.

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