Tulsi-500 Cold & Cough Syrup

Product Code : 10030

Points : 0.5

M.R.P. : 120.00

Pack Size : 110 ml

Directions for use : Adults : 2 Teaspoonfuls 3 times a day. Children : 1 Teaspoonfuls 3 times a day. Infant : 1/4 to 1/2 Teaspoonfuls 3 times a day. or as directed by the physician.

AyuSmile Tulsi-500 Cold Cough is rich and strong syrup for cough and cold. Useful in bronchial affections, asthma, chronic cold, troublesome cough and sore throat. Highly effective both in productive & non-productive cough. Excellent bronchodilator, soothes throat & improves voice. Effective from paediatric to geriatric. Very effective for breathing disorders, throat irritation, allergy. Removes frozen mucus from lungs.

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